Saturday, August 30, 2008

what i know of love

I saw what I saw and I can't forget it
I heard what I heard and I can't go back
I know what I know and I can't deny it
Something on the road, cut me to the soul

Your pain has changed me
your dreams inspire
your face a memory
your hope a fire
your courage asks me what I'm afraid of
(what I am made of)
and what I know of love

we've done what we've done and we can't erase it
we are what we are and it's more than enough
we have what we have but it's no substitution
Something on the road, touched my very soul

I say what I say with no hesitation
I have what I have and I'm giving it up
I do what I do with deep conviction
Something on the road, changed my world
as a graduate student working on a degree in counseling, i have just completed my first week of a 9-month internship at a counseling center in town. my days were a mix of ups and downs as i moved through feelings of confidence and doubt in my ability to be a professional in this field. making good grades and having the ability to spout off some of the latest knowledge are not enough to make me an effective counselor. static presentations in the classroom can never equal the ever-dynamic practice of the art. that, i have discovered, can be learned only in the midst of actual experience, scary though that may be. all i can do for the time being is to bring all that i have, which is myself, and trust that that is enough.

i saw this video online tonight, and, though written with a different aim in mind, the lyrics get to the heart of the type of counselor i want to be. some of the theoretical roots of psychology declare that the therapist should be a blank screen, unaffected by the client to whom she is listening. most (though not all) counselors today would probably disagree with that sentiment, and rightly so. i believe that those with whom i have the privilege of working will touch my life in meaningful ways, just as i will touch theirs. i have chosen as a profession to sit with people as they tell stories of pain, of dreams, of hope, of courage, and of love. i will be one who bears witness--one who stands beside to challenge and to cheer. and through that relationship, change will come on both sides.

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Kacy said...

i think you have already written the opening statement of your comps paper. here it is.

i'm glad i know you.