Sunday, February 6, 2011

who we are

another new-ish year. another attempt at blogging. my word for 2011 is cultivate.

cultivate creativity. cultivate connection. cultivate craft.

i think maybe writing is a part of this word for me. tonight i returned to this blog that has been dormant for over 2 years. i deleted the majority of what was here because it was mostly pictures, nearly all of which were not very good in terms of composition or content. i left the original posts, though, because they are what i want this blog to be about. and, interestingly enough, the word cultivate appears in the very first entry. coincidence? surely not. perhaps this word has been stirring for a while. whatever the case may be, i know it's time to do something with it. to listen to it. to lean into it. to learn from it.

a week or so ago i read this lovely phrase: the syntax of the cynic. it spoke to me of the importance of language. we are what we say, and we say what we are...or maybe who we are. the way we give voice to our thoughts, our actions, and our emotions unveils so much of who we are and how we make meaning of life. i suppose that's a good reminder as i embark upon a yet another adventure with words.

here we go again.