Tuesday, April 26, 2011

only be

my eyes lock with yours.
i'm completely laid bare
in this space, in this moment in time
it is almost too much
cause despite how i want, even ache, to be seen
you should know
i am scared of it, too.

and so now that we're past all the bullshit and games,
all the cards i hold close to my chest are displayed,
and i'm out.

fresh out of words to distract or deflect
or defend or place distance or just disconnect.
out in the open, exposed, so to speak
in the silence that echoes between
you and me in this room.

what in the hell is this place that we're in,
and just what is the point of it all?

i breathe in and breathe out
and blink eyes one, two, three
and acknowledge the beat of my heart.
i watch you as you breathe and you blink and you beat
and i think
no, don't think
only be.

only be all that's me
so whatever you see
is what's true
and you'll do
what you will
i will be
be as still
just as still
as i can.

and however it goes
i'll take care not to break,
not take eyes off your face,
hold your gaze
in this place
it is sacred.

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