Tuesday, October 30, 2012

love, embrace, and live

remembering kyle lake today...
these words are also posted here.

Within my arms, these flesh and bones,
the beat of life that is my own,
the blood that pulses in my veins
and in my chest reverberates.
The steady press; again, again,
on and on, beneath my skin.

Seven hundred fifty eight—
the miles that kept me far away in space
and in a different place and time.
I have a different name. I tried
to reconcile the meaning of
the calls that came to me that day.
They seemed to say
the end had come.

And now the months, the years have passed.
The distance stays; the empty lasts.
The missing you, the missing me,
and everything I used to see,
and all the ways things used to be,
and all the possibilities
and yet have slipped into the grave.

I close my eyes to look inside
and take account of what has died
and what is left. God knows I’ve tried
to do my best to extricate
the remnants of a lifetime’s faith,
the threads that somehow still have stayed
unchanged and say to come awake
and rise.

Love, embrace, and live, you said.
We took these words to be as bread
and wine. A fine reminder of
that time and of the way to build a life.
And like the echo of a song’s refrain,
like lyrics on repeat they play.
Implanted in our souls, they stay.
This benediction—it remains
a life-sustaining, heart-remaking,
altogether rearranging
gospel that from here
we carry on.